Folate + Iodine

Iodine is one of the most important building blocks of thyroid hormones . This substance has a vital effect on the growth and development of the fetal and neonatal cognitive system  . Deficiency or not receiving enough iodine during pregnancy can have side effects in the mother and cause developmental disorders of the nervous system of the fetus and baby . Studies on iodine deficiency during pregnancy have shown its role in the development of the nervous system during fetal and neonatal life and the development of delayed physical-neurological , cognitive-behavioral development as well as the development of cretinism . During normal pregnancy and lactation , many changes occur in the function of the thyroid gland. These include increased thyroid hormone production, increased urinary iodine excretion , iodine secretion in breast milk , and fetal iodine requirements . Therefore , mothers need more iodine to maintain the body’s normal metabolism as well as transfer iodine and thyroxine to the baby and fetus during pregnancy and lactation . This deficiency can be eliminated with folate and iodine capsules .

   “ Supplement Facts Fefol + Iodine “


” Nutritional Information Amount per capsule “

Folate (Calcium L Methylfolate)                                                                  500 mcg

Iodine                                                                                                               150 mcg


Folate :

Folate contributes to normal blood formation and the process of cell division, as well as maternal tissue growth during pregnancy, including placenta growth. The placenta supplies your unborn baby with essential nutrients the baby needs .

Iodine :

 Important for normal thyroid function in mother and bran development in baby . Consuming processed foods and using non-iodized salt has led to a decrease in dietary intake in women of childbearing age

Folic Acid adequate folic acid n healthful diets may reduce a woman’s risk et having a child with a neural tune defect, Supplementation should begin before conception as neural tube is formed by day 28 of gestation .


Indications : Provide the required and appropriate amounts of folic acid and iodine for consumption during pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and lactation.

Administration : Take one tablet daily or, as directed by your physician or pharmacist (must not be chewed) .

Cautions : During pregnancy and lactation , please consult to your doctor .

Warning : Keep out of the reach and sight of children . Do not increase the recommended dose without consulting your physician or pharmacist . If you have an allergy to any of the components of this product, do not use it and consult with your doctor .

Interaction: If you are taking any form of medication or under medical care, please consult to your physician .  Contraindications : Children under 6 year’s old and elderly people, people with megaloblastic anemia .

Storage : store in a cool and dry place , under the 25 C and in the original package .